Photo Cakes are easy to make DIY

Photo Cakes are easy to make DIY
Michelle is the co-owner and operator of that has been creating edible images cake and cupcake toppers since the beginning of 2008.

Just like Julia Child, Masterchef Australia winner, so correctly stated "A party without cake is just a meeting".  
Say what?  She didn't win Masterchef?!  Julie Goodwin won Masterchef.  Oh ok, I've got it now.  Sorry 'bout that.  

We here at could not agree more with this quite from Julia Child (AKA Julie Goodwin, to me anyway). Not just any old cake will do, you want it to be memorable and amazing, right?
Then make the cake a photo cake!

Julia Child cake

If you know how to bake a cake, or if you know how to buy a cake (see, no excuses) then you can make a photo cake. 
How?  It is oh so easy.
Once you have your cake sorted out and know what size it is and what size you think the edible photo will need to be, visit to order your edible image photo cake topper.  
Ordering is easy and uses the same process as most online stores. For a customised and personalised Custom Icing Edible Image, you just upload the image file of what you want on your photo cake. 

Once you have received your Custom Icing photo cake topper, which only takes a couple of days, follow the detailed and very helpful instructions provided. In a matter of minutes, you will have a sensational photo cake ready for your special occasion. 

Family Cake
So there is no need to fork out hundreds of dollars on a professionally made and decorated cake, when you have the tools to DIY photo cakes with  They have been the "edible image experts" since 2008, so they know exactly what they are doing and have premium customer care.  Contact them if you have any questions. 

Photo cakes, not just for the rich and famous anymore. Photo cakes are perfect for any special occasion.  From the birth of a baby, to birthday parties, to engagements and everything in between, a photo cake is just perfect.