Custom Icing VS Wafer Paper

Custom Icing VS Wafer Paper

Here at we have an ever growing range of edible printed wafer paper and wafer card products in addition to the Custom Icing edible images we have been making for over a decade.

    • Custom edible printing - A4 & A3 Wafer Paper, Wafer Card and Icing sheets
    • Ready made wafer cupcake toppers & edible butterflies
    • Collections of A4 edible printed wafer designs

Icing and wafer comparison GIF

What is the difference between edible printed wafer and Custom Icing edible images?

This is a question with quite a detailed and lengthy answer,  as there are so many different ways to use both wafer paper and Custom Icing sheets. 

Most often, Custom Icing sheets will be the preferred choice for making edible images because the image quality/clarity onto icing sheets is always sharper than onto wafer, however sometimes wafer paper can be a better option for you if you are making butterflies or flowers to decorate a cake or topping Royal Iced cookies. 

Usually it is simply a matter of personal preference, however see the information below to assist you in making the choice. Or contact us and we can help you decide. 

4 types of edible paper icing and wafer


    • Are 100% edible and are printed with premium grade food colouring
    • Have a slight vanilla taste to compliment your cake, cookies or dessert
    • Can have any image/logo/design applied to them with edible ink
    • Are available in many sizes to suit lots of different cake & cookie requirements

If you are still not sure which edible paper to use for the edible imagery you require, please contact us, we are here to help. 

WAFER PAPER and WAFER CARD (The pro's and con's)

      • Made from potato starch and sometimes called "Rice Paper"
      • Wafer paper is translucent and wafer card is almost opaque
      • Are more cost effective that their icing sheet equivalent
      • Dark images/dark backgrounds can saturate the wafer causing uneven surface, which is not recommended.
      • Wafer paper is suited to making edible flowers, leaves, edible butterflies etc.
      • Wafer card is suited for cupcake topper that can "stand up" in the frosting
      • Wafer is known to curl up at the edges when it comes into contact with moisture/humidity
      • Can be cut to shape/size required for your design (by us or by you)
      • Wafer can be stored air tight for years as is does not spoil

 Wafer paper flexibility


Wafer Card not as flexible


      • Made from sugar
      • The premium choice for the best possible edible image result
      • Thin and flexible, ideal for topping or wrapping around the sides of a cake
      • More stable when applied to buttercream frosting than wafer is
      • Blends very well for a "seamless" result onto cakes, cookies and desserts
      • Available in different "pre-cut" shapes and sizes
      • Can be applied to fondant circles and dried to make "discs" to top cupcakes
      • Must be stored air tight and kept away from humidity/moisture and light. Can store for up to 3 months.
      • The go-to choice for a professional edible image topper for your cake

Icing frosting sheet comparison

If you are still not sure which edible paper to use for the edible imagery you require, please contact us, we are here to help. 

Select the option best for your usage requirements:

 and Frosting Sheets and available in our SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS section. 

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