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Edible Cake Wraps

Custom Icing edible image cake wraps add a stunningly high level of detail to cakes of all shapes and sizes.
Any theme, any occasion, an edible cake wrap will provide the huge wow factor you need. 
                           Ever After cake wrapStacey cake wrap Ados 40th cake Alice B cake wrap Hahn carton cake wrap  

How to order an Edible Cake Wrap:

Our Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Side Strips with your pattern are designed for cakes that are up to 8"-9" / 22cm in diameter, using a single sheet of 3 icing strips. The height of these cake side strips is 6.5cmLarger cakes can be wrapped by using more than 1 sheet/3 strips of edible cake wrap.
This product allows for the use of our Design Your Own tool, to upload as many photos as you like and arrange them into 3 icing strips. 
For larger or taller cakes, with sides over 6.5cm tall, our Custom Icing sheets are used to create the custom size edible image cake wrap you require.

       Sizing examples to get you started with your calculations:
            Medium Icing Sheet - 25cm x 19cm - Example: Fits 2 x 9cm tall strips, each 25cm long. 
            Large Icing Sheet - 40cm x 25cm - Example: Fits 2 x 12cm tall strips, each 40cm long.

Once you know the size and how many sheets of Custom Icing edible image cake wrap you require, you can get to designing the image strips.
This can be done on our website using our Design Your Own tool or you can provide us with "ready to print" image files set to the above icing sheet dimensions stated. 

If neither of these image print file creation options suit you, we can provide you with Special Order Customisation service to have the print file/s created for you. This service is priced from $10 per file creation and is dependant on how many image/photos we will be working with to create your special edible image cake wrap print file.
There is a bit of mathematical calculation required to create a Custom Icing edible image cake wrap.  Not everyone is a maths whiz's, so if you find that you require some assistance with figuring out what size and how many Custom Icing sheets you require, please contact us.  We have years of experience for you to draw on.

Need help? 
Please email us with all of these details so we can provide assistance and pricing:
  1. The dimensions of your cake/s.
    Please include: 
    - the diameter for a round cake or the length of the sides for square or rectangle cakes, as well as the height of the sides of the cakes.
  2. Details of the cake tiers. (If applicable)
  3. Attach the image or design. 
    - We will check the suitability of the image to ensure it will be nice and clear on the icing and being able to view the image/design helps with providing you with the most accurate advice on how best to achieve the edible cake wrap you need. 
  4. When you require the edible cake wrap for
  5. Any other specific instructions that will help describe your cake design. 

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