Edible Image Printing

Edible Image Printing

Custom Edible Images

What exactly is an edible image printing?

Edible images are not: Pictures of things you can eat!
Edible images are: Photos, pictures or text that has been put onto an edible stock. Read more to learn more about eatable printing. Eatable?! Is that even a word?...
Edible images


The equipment required to make edible images is not as complex as what you may have imagined.  Edible image printing requires"

Edible ink printer

Edible inks

Edible stock

Suitable storage for all these items


Printing Custom Edible Images

Edible inks are a special kind of food colouring. 

It has been formulated for the specific use of creating edible images on edible stock.

Premium edible ink, like that used by CustomIcing.com.au, can produce almost perfect colours to what you would expect from printing onto paper.

There are however cheap alternatives/brands and they just can’t produce the vivid and bright quality of colours.

Edible stock is edible paper.

It can be in the form of wafer, which is made from potato starch or a cheaper version is made from rice starch.

Another form of edible paper is icing sheets or frosting sheets.

The results of edible printing onto these different edible stocks is different, in the same was as when printing onto copy paper or speciality papers.

For the best result and most versatile usage, edible images printed onto icing sheets is recommended.

Printed wafer papers are best used for making decorations, like flowers for adding to cakes.


Never use regular printer ink for custom edible images as it is toxic and a known carcinogen.

It must be pointed out that an edible ink printer must never, ever have regular printer ink run through it.

This is toxic and should not come in contact with anything edible.

For details of where to source the equipment for making edible images, we suggest you do your homework and research well.

CustomIcing edible images are Australia’s most trusted edible image producer with over 8 years’ experience. For well over a decade we have been at the forefront of edible image printing.

The selection of shapes and sizes of edible images from CustomIcing.com.au is the largest in Australia and possibly the world.

Large A3 edible image collage

Got a question about edible image printing?

Contact us, we here to help you create the best cake or dessert decorations ever!

Any image or photo or text, anything at all can be put onto icing…what idea do you have that you would like made into an edible image cake topper?