Interview with Vas from Frosted Indulgence

Interview with Vas from Frosted Indulgence
Today we asked Vas, owner of and talented cake decorator from Frosted Indulgence in Brisbane a few questions. 
For many years Frosted Indulgence have been loyal and valued clients of us here at 
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Frosted Indulgence Map Plane cake
How/when did you begin in cake decorating?
I have always loved cake decorating from a young age. I constantly used to read aka look at the pictures of mum’s Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakes, I was obsessed with that book! Once my older sister had kids, I had an excuse to make some of those cakes and it all took off from there. I finally found my passion and what I loved to do.
Who is your favourite cake decorator? 
There are so many great cake decorators that I admire! Just to name a few, I love Faye Cahill for her amazing wedding cakes, Jaqueline Butler from Petalsweet for her realistic and gorgeous sugar flowers, Debbie Brown for her awe inspiring and very cute kids novelty cakes and Carlos Lischetti for his unbelievable sugar figurines.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Everywhere! Other cakes, invitations, fashion, nature, food, cartoons etc.
What is your favourite thing about cake decorating?
Looking at a finished cake that I am happy with! (I can be extremely self-critical.) And also when a cake with a special meaning or for a special occasion emotionally touches my client, the look of pure joy on their face makes all the effort I put in worthwhile.
What is your least favourite aspect of cake decorating?
When it rains and the weather is terrible it is an absolute nightmare. Moisture and sugar just don’t mix and there has been many rainy, humid and awful weeks in Brisbane where I seriously thought about skipping the country!
Frosted Indulgence Floral cake wrap with silver tier
What is the story behind this cake (above) and its design elements?
Watercolour cakes have become quite the trend in the last year or so. I wanted to use a beautiful watercolour print with cool tones and match the other design elements to it. The sugar flowers pick up the beautiful colours in the print and edible silver leaf adds an elegant touch to the overall design.
Why do you use Custom Icing edible images on your cakes?
The quality is amazing! The service is second to none and I can always trust that my orders will arrive in time even when I place them last minute. (I’m so sorry about that!) I have been using custom icing edible images for about 5-6 years now and I have never been disappointed!
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Thank you Vas!  x
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You can view a few of Vas's creations below or 
visit the Frosted Indulgence website or facebook page for details. 
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