Bye-Bye to Boring Birthday Cake Pictures

Bye-Bye to Boring Birthday Cake Pictures
Birthdays come but once a year and you only get one shot to make that special celebration sensational! Birthday cake pictures are a wonderful way to personalize an otherwise ordinary confection and turn it into a creation. From sappy and sentimental to corny and comical birthday cake pictures can easily express any sentiment or emotion you want to express.
No more boring birthday cakes

Birthday Cake Pictures for Kids
When you’re young, birthday celebrations are legendary. Marked on the calendar months (or maybe even years) in advance, they’re second to no other day with perhaps Christmas being the only exception. And believe me, your child’s birthday has been played and replayed in their imagination a dozen times over before the big event ever arrives. 
  • Baby Pictures—While these may embarrass the older ones a bit, baby pictures in edible icing are a not-so-subtle way to remind your precious little bundle of joy how special they are. 
  • Family Vacation Photos—Family vacations are burned into a child’s memory for decades. Commemorate those special events or once-in-a-lifetime trips in confectionary sugar! (It’s a great way to announce upcoming trips too!)
  • Favourite Relatives—Whether it’s Nanny, Poppy, or big sis’, your child has a favourite relative—other than you, of course. Why not slap their face on the birthday cake? (Especially if they can’t make in person). 
  • Photos with Their Heroes—Real life or imaginary, chances are your little one has had their photo taken with a role model. Firefighters, comic book heroes, television characters—it’s easy to add that special something to any themed party with a specific edible icing image of them and their idol.
Stampy cat cake
18th birthday cake edible photo
Birthday Cake Pictures for Adults
When you’re older, birthdays are less about ticking a year off the calendar than they are about celebrating what you have and the life you’ve lived. Birthday cake pictures are a sweet way to stroll down memory lane.
  • Family Photos—Family is everything especially as we grow older. Pictures that capture generations in one shot or family tree photos are an excellent way to decorate cakes for those for big milestone birthdays (40, 50, and 60). 
  • Funny (or Embarrassing) Snapshots—What’s a party without a little laughter? Sneak in one of those goofy candids that the birthday boy or girl thought had been burned years ago for a good-natured chuckle at their expense. 
  • Photos of Favorite Places—Everyone has that special place that touched them to their very soul. Around the corner or around the world, that place can usually be summed up in an image:  boats bobbing in the surf, a sunrise on a mountain top, wildlife playing coy in that special bit of bush. A birthday cake picture of that real estate will bring back memories. 

60th birthday cake edible photos
40th birthday cake edible image mankini
Birthday Cake Pictures Are a Snap
It’s never been easier to get that special birthday cake picture printed in edible icing. You don’t have to drive to the grocer or the bakery—you don’t even have to leave the house. All you have to do is upload the photo, order it, and wait.

Simply put, there’s no excuse for boring birthday cakes anymore.