Cake, cake, candy and cake!

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The single most symbolic and important inclusion to birthdays.  People, dogs, businesses, schools and organisations all have cake at their birthday celebrations. Let’s have a look at all things cake, candy, party and lollies!  When was the last time you consumed a piece of delicious birthday cake?  

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Cake and lollies.

It has to be the best part of any birthday party when the call goes out that it is “cake time”. We sing the customary song, low out the required number of birthday candles before the guest of honour makes the first cut into the cake all the while being careful not to get the knife dirty of touch the bottom of the cake. After all, who knows what might happen if you have to kiss the closest person of the opposite gender if you fail these 2 crucial birthday rituals?

What special or silly birthday traditions do you have?

How about a candy cake?  

Forget the baking!  Forget the decorating!  

Go for the construction of a candy bar lolly cake. Who do you know that would love one of these kind of birthday cakes?  Now that you think about it, you could make a “cake” from almost anything.  

Does your dad love fishing?  Then why not make a “cake” from tackle and lures. Perfect.  Does you mum love needlecraft? So make her a “cake” of coloured tapestry thread, aida cloth and thimbles. How cute!    

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At the moment, Katherine Sabbath is my Girl Cake Crush.  (Yeah, I so just made that up. Cos I can.)

The designs she comes up with are terrific and to make them even better they are a perfect mix of birthday cake and candy all in one.  Hooray for that!  



If you are not familiar with Ms Sabbath’s cake creations, then you are missing out.  Follow her Instagram account, it won’t disappoint. 

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Aaawww, look!  How cute is this cake.  Now here is a cake n’ candy design that I can re-create.  Adding little Bow Peep boiled lollies to the side of the cake tiers.  The colours are sensational against the white butter cream.



Now off you go and bake these beauties! 

Find the recipe at

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