Book Cake Tutorial - Customer Review

Book Cake Tutorial - Customer Review


With thanks to Custom Icing happy customer Jessica, for this review of a YouTube tutorial on how to make a book cake.  It is worth noting that Jessica has never made or decorated a cake before this.  It's amazing...

Book Cake - Customer Tutorial

Here we share with you Jessica's experience of the "How to Make a 3D Book Cake" video tutorial from Yeners Way Cake Art Tutorials. 

Now bake your cake!

Here is the recipe that Jessica used: 

Cake recipe

Ta-Da!  Cake done.

Cake done

Cake carved to book shape

Covered in ganache

A note from Jessica:

"I ended up adding a third layer of ganache. Your last layer of ganache must be nice and smooth to ensure the fondant goes on well. Your fondant will only be as smooth as your last layer of ganache."
Now it's time to roll out the fondant and cover your book cake. 

See how Jessica used a comb to add the "pages" detail:
Cake covered with fondant
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Jungle Book design
Add a different colour fondant around the book to be the cover of the book. 

Pipe white icing or white chocolate around the cake where the 'pages' meet the 'cover'.

Apply your edible images to the top of the cake (following the instructions provided with them).

You can also add a ribbon and any other decorations you wish. 

Now you're done! 
Cake Completed
The conclusion is that Yeners Way Cake Art YouTube Tutorials are great!

From a complete beginner such as Jessica, this excellent book cake has been created. 

Well done Jessica and thank you for sharing your experience with us.