Spiderman Cake Fails

Spiderman Cake Fails

There is no doubt that when a child is fascinated with a particular superhero, parents want to indulge their idolisation. For many parents, this means birthday parties with decorations, supplies and a cake in the image of that superhero. 

Super hero party table

Almost since his debut in 1962, Spiderman, Peter Parker’s alter-ego, has been the hero to many small children, prompting parents to provide the perfect Spiderman cake for their child’s birthday. In an effort to make the cake unique, some parents choose to make their own cake, using directions found online or with the assistance of friends. These examples show why purchasing your Spiderman cake from a professional may be a better option.

Black and White Version
Every child knows that Spiderman’s mask is a brilliant red with large white eyes and black webbing. However, in this unique version, the decorator chose to decorate the cake with grey icing. It is apparent that the decorator’s artistic ability was slightly lacking that day, as Spiderman’s head seems a bit lopsided and his eyes an odd shape as well. What is equally disturbing is that it appears that this cake may be for sale at a grocery or department store.
Greyman cake fail
Image credit: cakewrecks.com

Spiderman Shoots his Web
Fans of the comic book character know that Spiderman’s web shoots from his wrists in order to help him catch bad guys. However, in these cakes, the decorator used an interesting location from which to shoot his web, which is not exactly the best option for a child’s birthday cake. When decorating a Spiderman cake for your child, be sure the web definitely shoots from his wrists rather than other body parts.
Spiderman cake fail
Image credit: cakewrecks.com
The Spiderman Picnic
It is not exactly clear what is going on with this cake. It appears as if Spiderman has lost his head and it is about to be devoured by ants. This could be rather disturbing to the child who idolises the superhero. In addition, it is not clear what, exactly, a Spiderman head is doing at a picnic in the first place.
Picnic Spiderman cupcakeI
Image credit: cakewrecks.com

The Multi-Hero Attempt 
It is not known who made the original in this magnificent tiered super hero cake that would be perfect for the child who loves all superheroes. The original is a beautiful, fondant-covered creation that must have taken a significant amount of time, but actually seems to be fairly simple for someone who has a bit of cake decorating and artistic talent. 
Huge super hero tiered cake
The reader of CraftFail, Emily, decided she would attempt the cake using the photo as a guide. Her attempt is a demonstration of why you might need a professional to make a Spiderman cake, or any cake of this magnitude. Although the base is not a bad attempt for the Captain America layer, it appears that the Aquaman layer may be melting into it. 
Hero cake fail
Image credit: craftfail.com

By the time she reached the Hulk and Spiderman layers, Emily appears to have given up, deciding to use melted Starburst candies to depict windows in what may have been an attempt at a skyscraper.
10 Points for Trying
The top winner in our examples is this courageous attempt to recreate a professional version of the superhero. 
Bad spiderman cake fail
Image credit: epicfail.com

The cake was definitely not made by someone who has experience in cake decorating or squeezing stuff from tubes for that matter.

 ...well, you gotta start somewhere, don't you.