Edible Icing Images Are for More than Just Birthdays

Edible Icing Images Are for More than Just Birthdays

Icing images are a great way to embarrass the birthday girl or boy with edible versions of photos they hoped had long been forgotten. (You know—the ones with the really bad hair and crazy fashion that died decades ago.) But it’s time to take your cake creativity to another level—edible icing images aren’t just for birthdays anymore!
Paris themed cake


5 Events Edible Icing Images Can Make Better


1)   Weddings and Anniversaries

You don’t want someone’s ugly mug plastered on your wedding cake (or maybe you do—not judging). But what about the bride and groom cakes or bachelor/bachelorette cupcakes? Edible icing images can be a fun addition and the image doesn’t have to be a face! Use icing images to inject humour or a little naughtiness into any wedding celebration.

Wedding cake film reel edible images

After the Big Day, your anniversary is a wonderful time to remind your spouse what a great person they married. Earn brownie points by expressing those sentiments creatively—heartfelt, hilarious, romantic, or . . . otherwise. Show them how much fun you have (or haven’t) had and what adventures you’re planning for the future with edible icing images.

 Anniversary cake


2)   Retirement Parties

Retirement is once in a lifetime (for most folks). It is an excellent opportunity to commemorate a person’s time with the company . . . or lampoon them to within an inch of their life. A photo of that special fella (with a whole lot more hair) or that leading lady (wearing the matching plaid pantsuit) makes a wonderful cake decoration, doesn’t it?

Retirement cake


3)   Graduation

Ah, graduation:  young people stepping boldly into the rest of their lives—exciting and terrifying times. Edible icing images help concerned parents take away the sting with laughter. Embarrassing childhood photos (maybe your bundle of joy running through the yard starkers) are wonderful ice breakers. But “good” parents resist this urge (and spoil all the fun). They decorate their graduation cakes with professional or yearbook photos that make the graduate look good.  

 Graduation cake edible image

4)   Valentine’s Day

Funny, romantic, sentimental, or sexy, icing images create a new and exciting way to renew your love and commitment. Don’t resort to flowers and chocolates like everybody else . . . unless you’re buying for a lady. Then you’re going to need the flowers too. 

 Valentines cupcakes edible images

5)   Just for Fun

Who says you have to have an “occasion” for cake? A cake is a wonderful way to surprise friends, coworkers, and loved ones. It turns any day into a celebration and icing images allow you to customize the cake to suit the mood:  happy, excited, funny, sad, sexy, serious—the entire range of human emotion in a confection! 

 Any reason for cake edible images


Next Time You Need Cake, Get Creative

Follow Marie Antoinette’s advice and “let them eat cake!” What sort of events (or even non-events) can you spice up with a little of the sweet stuff? These 5 will get you started but let your creativity run wild. Just remember, whenever cake is the answer, icing images make them better.