We interview Kate Hearps of 'Decorated by Kate'

We interview Kate Hearps of 'Decorated by Kate'


Here at CustomIcing.com.au, we work with many other businesses and cake decorators are among the talented people we work with. We would like to acknowledge our wonderful clients and customers that make our business what it is. 

Earlier this year we asked Kate Hearps of Decorated by Kate in Ulverstone, Tasmania, if she would be so kind as to share a little about her business with us. Here are her words. 

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When did you start cake decorating? and why?

Well I have always been interested in cooking ever since I can remember. But my first ever cake that I decorated, and lets just say, I have gotten A LOT better since then, was when I was 17.

But I really got into it when I had my children. Doing their Birthday cakes year by year, I wanted to ‘better’ the year before. I had a couple of friends of a friend who wanted me to make their childrens cakes and it took off from there. I’m making up for not playing with my food as a kid, lol

Where or who do you draw inspiration from?  

My inspiration comes from everywhere! Books, cards, colours, pictures, my kids. If we go shopping I’ll stand there and stare at things and go, that’ll look gorgeous on a cake, or made into cake. And of course other decorators. There are such SUPER talented people out there – just amazing!

Decorated by Kate cakes

Do you have a favourite cake decorator? Who and why? 

Oh there are so many decorators out there. They excel at the craft superbly. But if I have to pick then I would definitely have to go with Katherine Sabbath. Her cakes are so bright, full of colour. Elegant, fun, gorgeous. Looking at her cakes makes me smile. Also love, love LOVE Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes in London. Her cakes are full of beauty and whimsy and lots of cuteness. Her figurines of people that she makes are incredible. To be that talented would be a dream. And of course the Buttercream goddess Kerrie Wyer from Viva La Buttercream. Seriously what she can do with buttercream amazes me. What can’t she do with buttercream. Such talented ladies right there!


What do you love most about cake decorating?

As much as I love making and creating different themes and designs, the best part for me is seeing people’s reactions when they see their cakes. Every persons reaction is different but the eyes don’t lie. The smiles, the gasps and the tears. Which I didn’t know how to take until she hugged me and then I knew she loved it.

Kids faces are the best – kids don’t hold anything back.

Decorated by Kate cakes

What is your lease favourite part of cake decorating? 

My least favourite part is the baking. Yes I know that sounds stupid, but seriously it is the most boring part. Can’t do anything until there is cake!! Also the washing everything up, so annoying, lol

You seem to have a speciality in creating theme cakes for men. Is this by accident? 

Not sure how to answer this one. Probably because I’m surround by males, lol. It did start out with my childrens cakes who are both boys, so yes, I can see that I would do a few more male orientated cakes than normal.

Boys cakes decorated by kate


What is your dream cake creation that you hope to get an order for? 

Dream Cake, now that’s a hard one. Cakes that I would love to do, sometimes I test them out by making them for my son's birthday cakes. One way to test if I could do it, lol.

But honestly, (and I think I’ll test them out on my kids first) I’d love to have a crack at a movable cake. A cake that has movable parts. Also, and I don’t know if I could, but I would love to make a chandelier cake. They are just stunning.

Talking with my council and registering my kitchen with them, registering a business name and all the other paper work that goes along with that, was the best thing that have done. I have now been in business for almost 3 years.  Still an infant but getting older. Honestly, I’m so happy and proud of myself for pursuing what I love. And I have all my customers to thank for trusting me to make their special occasion cakes.

Decorated by Kate cake

jim beam cake decorated by kate


If you are in the Ulverstone area in Tasmania and would like to get in contact with Kate:


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