Cake Decorating Books - Our Top 5

Cake Decorating Books - Our Top 5

Our Top 5 Recommended 
Cake Decorating Books

As much as we love making edible images for our clients, we also love learning more about cake decorating and soaking up some inspiration from the many wonderful books that are available on the subject. 

Here is a quick Top 5 list for you to check out. Enjoy! 


Stevie Auble Book Wafer Paper Cakes
Stevie Auble has recently created quite the stir among cake decorators in Australia and around the world.  Her fresh new designs and concepts for cake decorating have caught the attention of even the most seasoned cake decorators. 

If you have worked with wafer paper to decorate cakes or if the whole idea sounds completely foreign to you, you will be sure to find loads of cake decorating inspiration in Stevie's book, Wafer Paper Cakes. 

Upon publishing this Top 5 list, Wafer Paper Cakes was selling online for just AU$22. Order you copy today.


The Painted Cake book Natasha Collins

Natasha Collins is one of the UK's top cake decorators. In this beautiful publication, Natasha shows you step-by-step how to add hand-painting to cakes, cookies and more. 
Also in this pretty book are some wonderful recipes to get your started and inspired in the kitchen.  This book is a wonderful addition to any cake decorators repertoire.  

Upon publishing this Top 5 list, The Painted Cake was selling online for AU$19.
Order one today. 


Yolanda Gampp is a wizard when it comes to creating cakes.  Her creations will leave you amazed thinking that her creation is actually cake and all edible. She is also a massive YouTube hit, so if you are not already familiar with her videos, you should check them out. 
In this book there are 18 different cakes to create, along with helpful tips to guide you along. 

Upon publishing this Top 5 list, How To Cake It cookbook was selling online for AU$31.  Grab a copy today. 


Tessa Sam has created a delicious collection of wonderful recipes that is sure to make your mouth water, just look at the book cover, you could eat it. Yum! 
From layer cakes to birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes and everything in between, you will be happy baking these treats for many hours. Filled with these inspiring recipes, this books is one to add to your collection. 

Upon publishing this Top 5 list, Sweet Bake Shop Delightful Desserts for the Sweetest Occasions was selling online for AU$31.


Australia Women's Weekly cookbooks have been in Aussie kitchens for generations and these plenty of reason why. This fabulous collection of recipes by some of Australia top cake and dessert makers is sure to get you inspired to create something amazing in the kitchen. 
There are 288 pages filled with beautiful photos and treats that make you want to lick the pages in an effort to taste test these delights. 
As the iconic Molly Meldrum would say "Do yourself a favour and go out and get it now". 

Upon publishing this Top 5 list, Sweet was selling online for AU$38.  Add it to your collection. 


And that rounds out our Top 5 baking and cake decorating books that we have discovered recently. Some are not new publications, but we still fell in love with them and hope you find a new favourite too. 

Have a great day!