Edible Printed Wafer Card - Rectangles & Squares - Any size onto A4 sheet

    Maximum of 50 pieces per wafer sheet, minimum size 1.5cm. Contact us to arrange a special order if you have other size or quantity requirements. Ordering sizes or quantities other than stated above will add processing time to your order. Contact us for details before ordering. 

  • Full colour digital edible printing onto thick wafer card.
  • Unlike icing images, wafers do not require the use of fondant to "stand up" in frosting on cupcakes.
  • Wafer Card is not recommended for application onto fondant.
    For use with fondant order our Custom Icing Edible Images.
  • Edible Printed Wafers are great for use on frosted cupcakes, donuts and desserts and individual cake portions. Ideal for logos!
  • For best results, images with white or light background are recommended.
  • Let your imagination run wild and make your edible treats incredible.