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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy
1/1/2016 by
Please ensure that the product you select and the delivery method you choose is correct for your requirements and your available time frame.

Refunds are not given for customer errors made when placing an order via our website.

Every effort is made by CustomIcing to enable the correct product selection and delivery choice by the customer.

Products sold on Custom are customised, personalised and hand made therefore cannot be re-sold. Refunds are only given as required by law. (ie: if the product is deemed to be faulty or wrongly described or incorrectly supplied.)

To determine if your edible image is faulty, we will request you to explain in as much detail as possible, step by step, your experience with the edible image product. From this information a conclusion and explanation can be provided as to if the product is faulty or if human error was involved or if the product instructions were not read or followed correctly.

If you did not read the instructions in full before using your custom icing edible image and you inadvertently damaged your Custom Icing or were not able to use it as you had planned, we will not be and cannot be held responsible.

Contact us as soon as possible if you need any assistance.

< Privacy & Security Policy  |  Shipping Policy >
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