How about an edible image for your special occasion cake?

End of year celebrations are filling our social calendars and the question if you are hosting a special event is “Are you ready?” You want your celebration to be classy and memorable? If you’re one that likes perfection have you planned the theme and decorations, refreshments and the food? And on the top, what about the cake?  You must have a special cake!

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A cake is always the centre of any celebration weather it’s a lavish wedding or a simple birthday party. Home or workplace, dinner parties or clubs, a cake is everywhere a great group of people gather. The stakes are high for your event or be memorable, shouldn’t it be the best?

So, what we most look for when it comes to cakes is flavor, colours, and above all the decoration. Vanilla, Chocolate, or Fruit are only the flavour, but the decoration brings emotion to the cake. Yes, that’s right, emotion.  It’s the secret ingredient to all fabulous celebration cakes. It’s not only about filling your stomach but don’t forget, cutting of cake brings us close to one another. Everyone gathers around the cake.

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Cake being one of the party essentials, is always important when it comes to the decoration. It could be a typical butter icing or an amazing edible image decoration that is close to everyone’s heart. A custom edible image design for you and your family or friends to admire on the cake. Personalised lovable messages added to your favourite photos or images all have their own impact and can match the theme of the celebration.

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You must be wondering what an edible image is? The answer is it’s an easy way to portray your desired picture or design on a cake or dessert with special food technology. It is a great opportunity for cake makers and home bakers alike to add novelty and extra special design elements with edible image icing pictures for cakes. Isn’t it fascinating, to have a picture of yours or your loved ones or your themed characters applied to your cake and 100% edible!

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These pictures are completely edible, they look like they could be printed onto non-edible paper as the image result of an edible image made by Custom Icing has excellent clarity. The only difference is that these images are made from sugar and food colouring and are totally safe to eat.

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Here at Custom Icing we apply images and designs to icing or wafer, according to what has been ordered, with premium quality food colouring. The customer provides the picture they want printed for their edible image when their order is placed via our website. We recommend using high resolution, 300dpi, JPEG images and avoiding a dark background for best results.

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With only a little effort, a cake can go from boring to incredible with the use of a Custom Icing edible image. Make your cake unique and impress your guests with a special edible image decorated cake. With our careful eye for detail, we produce in-house premium edible products. All our products are completely vegan, palm oil-free and kosher. They contain no known allergens as they’re free from nuts, gluten, egg, and dairy. By adding a Custom Icing edible image to your next special occasion cake, you will be adding distinction and class and lots of delightful memories to the celebration.

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