Great Australian Bake Off

February 29, 2016

The Great Australian Bake Off
Love it or hate it, The Great Australian Bake Off on Foxtel we here at can't help but be drawn to. Cakes, cookies, desserts! Yum! We're a match made in Cake Bake Heaven!
Maggie Beer GA Bake Off
This year, as soon as we saw and heard the show's theme song A Spoonful of Sugar and the delightful Maggie Beer singing, how could we resist? Maggie sure can bake, so there is no doubt that as a judge on The Great Australian Bake Off she is perfect. There are some rumors that it is not actually Maggie singing, (pffft! who cares!) She is still totally adorable and we would love to bake with her any day.

Maggie Beer reminds me so much of my paternal grandmother. Her smile and mannerisms are uncanny to that of my grandmother. My grandma passed just before my first child was born. Grandma knew how to bake alright. I have fond memories of her cakes, slices and biscuits. Eating them with an ice cold homemade lemon cordial. I can almost hear the *tinkle* of the ice blocks against the glass. Ah, memories. I still have regrets of not having asked for her recipes, especially that cordial. I have not had any luck in making it like she did. 
Home made lemon cordial

Bake. Cake. Make. Take. Sake. Fake. Lake. Jake. Rake. Wake. They are 10 words that rhyme for a reason, wouldn't you agree? For goodness SAKE JAKE, put down the RAKE and BAKE a CAKE for me to TAKE to the WAKE at the LAKE. None of this FAKE stuff either!? 
I think I might bake Maggie's Constitution Cake soon. It looks like fun and I think my dad would really enjoy it. 
He is a bit of a fruit cake nut. Hahaha. 
I'm intrigued by the native Australian ingredients in this recipe and the description calling it rich sounds amazing. 
Constitution cake maggie beer
Apart from singing and making up silly rhymes, what do you like to bake? 
Cakes? Pies? Scones?