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We have come a very long way with cake decorations over the years, haven't we?
Have you heard about edible cake decorations? 
Possibly the "geekiest" cake decoration ever.
Jar of vintage plastic cake decorations
They're an extremely fun and ornamental addition to any bit of baked artwork, which could add so much atmosphere to the event or special person that the cake was made for.
Vintage photo edible image cake wrap
If cake ornamentation which is not edible is utilised, it kind of takes the fun out to the fact it is a piece of edible artwork. 
It's similar to if you simply shoving plastic playthings on top of a slab of sheet cake. B.O.R.I.N.G {yawn}
Cake with plastic doll and decorations
At every party or event, cakes are among the main items that we scrutinise and look at, the very thing that emphasises all festivities, 
like birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings and corporate announcements alike.
They capture the creative thinking of the event, and visually capture the spirit or theme of the function. 
They're often among the centrepieces of the room and are exhibited and honoured as the focus of both the meal and the decorations at the event. 
These wonderful cakes are adorned with decorations which are really eye catching and may reflect the character or personality of the celebrant. 
What's best is that when these special occasion cakes are embellished with edible cake decorations, every bash and function more thrilling and yummy. 
From air brush colours, meringue powders to sugar blossoms, edible cake decorations are really a fantastic way to add zest to the event. 
Massive cake wrapped with edible images
Gum Paste or Fondant
This gives the cake with a very smooth and uniform facade by gently smoothing out the icing to and rolling it into sheets then dressing it over the cake. 
A broad range of hues may be utilised to colour and flavour each fondant used in the cake design. 
Fondant and lollies
Edible Images
Made from an edible starch and sugar blend confection, this may be easily cut to different sizes and shapes, making lip smacking, superb pictures. Edible Images
Daisy sugar blossoms
These lovely edible cake ornamentations come in bright colours and are frequently an ingredient in every girly cake.
Gumpaste Flowers
Double heart quins
For events like Valentine's Day, these decorations are definitely seen adorning sweet and charming cakes and pastries.
Double heart quinns
Edible images and edible cake ornaments are the way to go.  
Move into the current trends and leave your jar of 20-year-old coloured plastic bits and pieces out of it. 
Vintage Cake Decorations

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