Baby Feet (Blue) - Choco Transfer Sheet


Choco Transfer Sheet - BABY FEET (Blue)

Sizes available: 
Small - 16.26cm x 12.25cm
Large - 32.5cm x 24.5cm 

ake yournext occasion or event extra special the easy way, with  Choco Transfers. Ideal way to decorate melted chocolate for creating cake and dessert decorations. Add to chocolate coated biscuits or fruit for stunning visual effects. 

M ade from pre coloured cocoa butter. 
Can be transferred onto white, milk or dark chocolate.

O ur  Choco Transfer Sheets are  thin acetate with a covering of coloured cocoa butter. 

To use, simply pour on melted chocolate, allow to firm to room temperature and then simply peel off the acetate. The design will now be on the chocolate and not the acetate.
How cool is that!
The design possibilities are endless!

I nstructions foruse are supplied.

  The Choco Transfers are packagedsecurely, to ensure it is not damaged in transit.
You can be confident your order willarrive in perfect, ready to use condition.