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A4 size - Custom Icing Collage Edible Image Cake Topper with 6 photos


  • 100% full colour edible printing
  • 13 icing image sizes available
  • 2 types of edible printable wafer
  • 9 years edible imagery experience
  • Unlimited design possibilities:
    • Keep every birthday child or celebration cake eating adult happy, every time, with Custom Icing Edible Image cake toppers.
  • Cheaper than a professionally made cake:
    • Save the $$$ for other party stuff you need.
  • Comes with easy to use instructions:
    • Follow the detailed, easy to read instructions for cake decorating success, no previous experience needed.
  • Thin, flexible icing sheet, subtle vanilla flavor:
    • Can be used in many creative ways for cake decorating and sweet treat personalisation.
  • Fast delivery to everywhere:
    • Australia wide and international options, pricing at checkout or see our Help Centre for detailed delivery information.
  • Biggest size range available:
    • Edible images for every cake, cookie, cupcake, dessert and so on.
  • Super Urgent order processing available:
    • For when you forget your child has a birthday, every year. Yeah, it happens… more than you think.
  • Reliable website and reputation:
    • Lots of social proof of a solid business operation.
  • Years of experience:
    • Almost a decade of edible image production know how, right here.
  • Premium customer service:
    • Easily contactable, we are here to help you if you need us.
    • Filled with loads of info for you to search and browse through.
  • Everyone loves eating a custom icing edible image:
    • Cake and dessert lovers of all ages enjoy the novelty of eating their face…for example…so stop reading and get your order submitted so we can start making it for you. Hooray!

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