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FAQ's for Icing Images and edible printing


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Q: Do you offer bulk quantity discounts?
A: Yes we do! See HERE for details. All pricing is on our website.
Q: How far in advance can I place an order?

A: Orders received before 6pm are dispatched the next business day.
Please note: We suggest that you order your edible image about 2 weeks out from your special occasion, in case of any mail delays if you choose regular post Economy delivery. We recommend DX Express and Toll Priority for the fastest and most reliable delivery method.

Q: Where is CustomIcing located?
A: We are in Werribee (Melbourne) Victoria, postcode 3030.
Please note: We do not currently offer an order collection service. All orders are dispatched.
Q: I live in Melbourne, can I collect my order?
A: No sorry, we cannot accommodate order collections. Postage is from only $2.00 and your order will be posted the very next business day.

Q: What payment methods can I use?
A: Please see our PAYMENT METHODS detailed information page.
Q: How long can Custom Icing edible images be stored for?
A: As long as the icing sheet is stored air tight, it will last over 3 months!

Q: Do I need to crop my image for a round Custom Icing Edible Image?
A: Please see the detailed CROPPING IMAGES information page for details and examples.
Q: I am getting an error message when trying to upload my image to place an order. Why is this?
A: This is because your image file size is too large, internet connection is slow
because you are using a mobile device not able to upload data as required to place a custom order.
Please check the file size of your image and ensure it is under 2MB and please use a laptop or PC with full browsing capabilities (not an iPhone/iPad etc),
Simply select to email your image file/s to us after you have placed your order. You just reply to your Order Confirmation email and attached the file/s required.

Q: How can I see that my image file has uploaded correctly?
A: Follow the instructions during checkout to view the image file
click on the file link in your Order Confirmation email.
If you have uploaded the wrong image, please email the correct one to us asap.
Q: What image file types are acceptable for custom edible images?
A: For best results, please supply us/upload a JPEG file or PDF.
Word/Office Suite programs are not acceptable, these file types compromise the image quality on the icing sheet. If you upload a MS Office file, this may delay your order as we may need to contact you for another file to be able to process your order, if we cannot successfully convert the file to another usable format.
Q: Can you edit or change the image file I upload for my Custom Icing edible image order?
A: No sorry we can not. We do not provide an image creation or image editing service. If you would like a quote for any image editing we will be happy to put you in contact with our Graphic Designer. Fees start at approx $50 per hour or part thereof.
Q: How do I put the Custom Icing edible image on the cake?
A: We supply a full instructions with your order. The icing sheets are very easy to use. You don't need to be a professional cake decorator to create a beautiful cake with our Custom Icing edible images.
Q: For licensed edible image cake toppers: Can a message be added or the image made into a different shape or size?
No, sorry. It is illegal and against copyright for a licensed edible image to be changed or reproduced in any other format other than what is available on our website. If you have seen what you are after elsewhere, buyer beware, as this would be an inferior and illegally sold product.
Q: What are your icing sheets made from and are they rice paper?
A: We only use Premium Icing Sheets that we import. Rice paper is a much more fragile product and it does not taste as nice as our icing sheets that are made from real sugar to compliment your cake.
Click here for a full INGREDIENTS LIST.
Q: How is the order packed to avoid damage in transit?
A: We use rigid cardboard envelopes that we source for this specific purpose. We have never had an order damaged in transit.
Q: 2MB is a small file size to upload for my Custom Icing edible image, will a High Resolution image be better?
A: No. A 2MB file is sufficient to create a clear edible image. If the icing sheets are saturated with colour from a high resolution image, this distracts from the clarity of the image as the edible ink soaks into the icing sheet too much.
Q: I know what I would like to put onto the Custom Icing sheet, but I don't have the image I want, can you supply what I request?
A: No sorry. You must supply the image that you would like put onto a Custom Icing sheet. This is because you need to have the right to reproduce the image or be prepared to take full responsibility for the reproduction of the image onto the icing. See our COPYRIGHT IMAGES page for more details.
Q: How much is delivery?
A: Please see the SHIPPING / POSTAGE detailed information page.
Q: I need more information, can I contact you?
A: Yes, certainly. Please contact us by live chat, email or phone. The details can be found on our Customer Service page.
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