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The Custom Icing Images category of our website is where you can upload your own photos and/or creations for us to print up an image, especially for you.
All of the images uploaded via the custom section of our website are copyright as they are your own images that we are not allowed to use or sell to anyone else unless we have asked for your expressed permission (as is the case when we display cakes made by our customers - we have asked for permission to receive and then use their image on our website to show others the sorts of things you can create with an image).
When it comes to an individual image being subject to copyright, you must have the right to reproduce that image for your own personal use. Each of our custom products has a copyright acknowledgement box. This box must be ticked before the website shopping cart will allow you to continue with your purchase. Responsibility for the reproduction of any image provided to CustomIcing for an order for Custom Icing edible images remains soley with the purchasing customer. 

If a copyright breach occurs, all matters associated with the particular CustomIcing edible image order and the copyright thereof, will be forwarded to the purchasing customer in a timely manner.  Should the communication be required, it will be via a tracked and signed form.  CustomIcing cannot be and will not be held responsible or liable for the actions of a purchasing customer that has acknowledged copyright when placing their order and then breaches copyright. 
You can use any image so long as you have permission from the owner or the image belongs to you. We delete your images from our servers after a period of time so any subsequent orders with the same image will need to be resubmitted online.
The only time we will hold up an image that has had the copyright box ticked is if we belive that the image is depicting an illegal or morally questionable act. We will contact you should we not wish to print an image.
Illegal images will not be printed.
Cant find the character/product/logo/brand edible image that you want to purchase on our website?


If after viewing out range of official licensed edible image cake toppers, you cant find what you are looking for; this means it is not available in this country.

You may see other sellers on auction sites, other stand alone websites, social media sites etc, selling designs of licensed edible images that you dont see on our website.
Those sellers, by making such an image available and or recreating it and or editing or adding to it,  are potentially in breach of copyright law and are not selling a legitimate official licensed product.  Thats right, we are talking about fakes and rip offs, which you need to be wary of.






Adding text to officially licensed edible images cannot be done as it poses a breach of copyright.  Only the licensed holders of that image can reproduce it and or make any changes to it.



If you can find an image on the internet the usage terms must stage that copyright will not apply if you are using it for your own personal use or something to this effect.






Ideas for the perfect themed Custom Icing edible image:

All of us here at Custom Icing have young kids, so we understand the disappointment faced when your little one has their heart set on just that one thing and you are not able to produce the goods for them.  

Have you considered other options that may be available?

Take a picture of your child with his or her favourite toy, you own the rights to your photos.
Ask them to make their own cake topper and colour in their favourite colouring page or create a whole image from scratch!!!
Kids drawings, made into Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Toppers are just adorable and the will be so proud to be able to see their artwork and the to EAT IT!  How cool!

All we need to make a Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Topper is a nice clear JPEG image file, so the possibilities are really endless.






Here is just one idea to get you started:
You go to a local festival and they are allowed to sit in a fire truck or police car. Take a picture!!! Upload this to our site when ordering a Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Topper!
The fun of creating can make the final product feel so much more worthwhile for them.





Why not try one of those programs where you can add your kids face to an app and it creates a whole new scene around them?






The options are limited only by your imagination.

The best thing to do it to plan ahead!
Give yourself time to think of other things you can do if, the one thing you are looking for is just not available and start to think outside the square about how you can create a special theme for your loved one without copyright issues.



Think of other ways that you can create a wonderful masterpiece, Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Topper if you are not sure your awesome idea for a Custom Icing will be possible or not,
please Contact Us we will be able to help.  



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