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For best results we recommend providing us with the original uncropped image file for us to use to create your Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Topper.

Please ensure that the image file is under 2MB in size, to enable trouble free uploading of the image file when placing your order or emailing of the image file in reply to your Order Confirmation email.

As most image files are rectangle in shape, we will need to crop the image to a circle, to give you the best result onto the round Custom Icing Cake Icing Transfers.


Here is an example of an image where there is sufficient room around the subject matter (the boy) for us to crop the image to a circle:

Here is an example of an image where there is not sufficient room around the subject matter (the boy with the spoon) to crop a circle without removing part of the image subject.
As you can see below, cropping this image to a circle removes either the spoon or the top of the boys head.
Here are 2 examples of how we crop an image to best fit the round Custom Icing sugar circle without removing any of the subject matter.
The option we choose will depend entirely on the image subject and its placement within the image, to get the best result. If this exact image was used to create a Custom Icing Edible Image, then the 2nd image (the slightly cropped option) would be used for production.

Occasionally when we need to place the entire uncropped or slightly cropped image on the round Custom Icing, we may add a background to improve the overall look of the end product.
The image below is for example purposes only and if we were to create this exact Custom Icing Edible Image, there would not be a full background required.
The need for a colour matched background cannot be determined until the time of production. You can request that your image not be cropped or you can state what part of the image you want to be the focus etc.
(eg: Please crop to be just head and shoulders of the boy in the photo).

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.
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