Australian Bushfire Fundraiser

UPDATE 12th May 2020

Unfortunately, with the presence of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have not had the success from our Australian Bushfire Fundraiser with our cute "Kooky" the koala cupcake/cookie toppers that we were hoping for and working towards.
We really wanted to raise $1000, however so far we have raised just $112. 

While this is wonderful and we are very thankful for this support we have received for our initiative, we are hoping still that we can reach a little closer to our goal.  Even to reach $200 would be great. Can you help us?

$4.00 from the sale of every sheet of 30 "Kooky" the Koala Custom Icing Edible Images, goes directly to GIVIT.  Their work is amazing and we encourage you to see what they do by visiting their website and or social media.  A link to the "Kooky" Koala product is at the bottom of this page for easy access and ordering. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our update.  Please contact us with any questions you may have. 


We have bruised and broken hearts from seeing all the burnt Aussie bush, thousands of homes destroyed around our country and far too many lives that have been lost and millions of animals that have perished in these wild bushfires.

We have been helping assist the immediate relief efforts via our local Rural Fire Service brigade. Now that the huge task of clean up and rebuilding is commencing, we wanted to do more here at Custom Icing HQ and so we have come up with 'Kooky' the Koala Custom Icing edible images for you to decorate cupcakes or cookies. You could use these special Custom Icing edible images for your own bushfire fundraising efforts too if you like. 

$4.00 from the sale of every sheet of 30 x 3.8cm diameter, Kooky the Koala, Custom Icing edible images goes directly to the Givit bushfire appeals.

Q: Why did we choose to donate to GIVIT?
Because 100% of the finds they revive go directly to purchasing items required. Please see the website for full details or to make your own donation. 

GIVIT donate now banner

At the end of each month we will tally up the total number of sheets sold, make the donation to GIVIT and post the donation receipt here for complete transparency. The 1st receipt will be posted during the 1st week of February.  The fundraiser will continue for as long as we have wonderful people that order sheets of our 'Kooky' the Koala.  ❤️


$112 at 12th May 2020  (View donation receipts)